DcP Lab is the think-tank at DcP, where brand defence studies are born, studied, then implemented. It is also the place where the expertise, knowledge and creativity of all of the professionals at DcP come together – merging over ten years of industry experience.

Alongside offering advanced technological solutions, DcP is always developing its comprehensive business intelligence, in order to provide customers with an even wider range of alternative enforcement solutions. We are convinced that there is no single tool that can guarantee an effective defence of intellectual property and human rights, we strive to provide the client with a multilevel approach to their problem, offering a service tailored to the individual, and a thorough examination of exactly what the client’s needs and desires are.

The following is just a selection of the many solutions that we can propose and manage:

• Functional analysis of platforms and websites.
• Forensic acquisition of network evidence.
• Offline forensics.
• Compilations of extensive technical reports.
• Investigations of OSINT sources.
• Strategic and technical consulting assistance for the sequestration of websites, IP & DNS blocks and the seizure of domain names.
• Assistance with payment circuits.
• Assistance with online advertising.
• Management of administrative procedures (Agcom regulations, etc.).
• Management of relationships with law enforcement, along with public and private institutions which work in various capacities in the field of intellectual property.

The work of DcP Lab does is continuously integrated with results generated by the tools from the Tech and Track areas, and are carried out by highly qualified technical personnel that for over ten years have collaborated with Italian prosecutors and police forces. The professionals dedicated to these activities, in fact, have already been involved in all of the major cases of seizure and blocking of illegal websites in Italy. Technical analysis is conducted with the best software and most sophisticated hardware recognized by international law enforcement agencies. All of the tasks carried out are done so in accordance with the Budapest convention on cybercrime.