An integrated offering of sophisticated technological infrastructure and advanced professional expertise enables DcP Tech to offer a vast array of solutions for protecting content and brands on the net. The IT architecture at the base of our system is represented by the diverse work of various platforms, produced by world-leading technology companies for the collection and analysis of structured data and process automation. Such structures are complemented and enhanced by IRIDE, an exclusive platform developed in-house by DcP.

DcP Tech Services:

  • Monitoring of the web to search for unauthorized media. The search can be carried out on web services, cyberlocker, blogs, P2P networks, tracker sites, audio & video streaming platforms, linking sites, online auction site, forums.
  • Monitoring the web to search for counterfeit products, sale of unauthorized services, trademark abuse, and any other forms of intellectual property infringement.
  • Monitoring of all major social networking platforms, in particular to expose fake pages and accounts (including impersonations), the sale of counterfeit products and content publishing damaging the image and reputation of brands and people.
  • Notice & Takedown procedures to include the removal of content from the web.
  • Deindexing from all major search engines.
  • Targeted protection of pre-release(s) and, more generally, of content not yet released officially on the market, and thus subject to potential leak.
  • Real time reporting of achievements and activity to the client.

DcP Tech services are continuously augmented with tools and services offered by both DcP Lab and DcP Track, in order to offer full protection in court.