DcP Track offers the client the ability to monitor and assess their brand’s online presence, thanks to detailed monitoring of the web, reviews of articles, forums and social networking platforms in order to present a clear, analytical picture – both from a quantitative and qualitative point of view.

DcP track is also responsible for the monitoring and evaluating of cases of infringement of intellectual property as a whole, examining every example in depth and proposing strategic visions and solutions.

DcP Track services:

  • In-depth analysis of the phenomena of online piracy and counterfeit with its strategic, qualitative and quantitative assessments.
  • Analysis of the presence of the brand on major social platforms and their critical relevance
    Integrated collection of direct references to the client on websites, forums, and social platforms, in terms of communication and marketing activities and in view of judicial activities.
  • Ability to customize the service with an alert system, providing customized, daily reports.
  • Monitoring and data acquisition from the web to determine the qualitative value of the conversations generated by the brand on the net (sentiment).*

The activities of DcP Track are continuously augmented with tools and services offered by both DcP Tech and DcP Lab.

* activity carried out in partnership with third-party companies